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"Genevieve Bell's research...shows that women lead tech adoption in "internet usage, mobile phone voice usage, mobile phone location-based services, text messaging, Skype, every social networking site aside from LinkedIn, all Internet-enabled devices, e-readers, health-care devices, and GPS. Also, because women still are the primary caretakers of children in many places, guess who controls which gadgets the young male and female members of the family get to purchase or even use?""

Women beat 18-34 men for tech adoption and purchasing power - Boing Boing

Cat movies

Dec. 28th, 2009 01:40 pm
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I am in deep, deep trouble. Gayatri "She Who Sings" usually limited her attentions when I am trying to write to crawling on my chest and butting her head against my chin. She has now discovered the attractions of the cursor. She's been staring at it, following it with her eyes, for the last 10 minutes. No sign of losing interest. Just as I began this post, she embarked on trying to pin the tantalizing thing down -- with her claws. On my monitor screen.

We must have a talk. If I can herd her out of the mudroom back into the house, surely there must be hope?

Surely I jest.
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Or at least, no major storminess so far. I've never had such a smooth upgrade/transfer. I usually end up in tears and throwing things. My data (well, all I've checked so far) have been migrated to the new computer, and the next step will be for my lovely spouse/computergeek to show me how to synch my desktop and shiny new very-lightweight notepad so I can write wherever and not have to do the laborious save-on-disc-and-transfer.

So far, Windows 7 isn't a whole lot more bewildering than any other version of Windows has been. However, it has this zoom feature whenever it presents you with anything (like, I open a program) and it's making me a tad motion-sick. Beloved spouse says I can turn it off, but I think I'll stay with the roller-coaster-ride effect until I either get too sick or too bored with it.


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