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I hope you've enjoyed this adventure through space and time. All the individual chapters are available to read online - Click on Read A Story. Or you can download the whole thing from Book View Cafe (And the files will play nicely with your Nook or Kindle, as well as other devices).

Next week, as a thank-you treat for following along, I'll share how I revised the first opening scene of the book.

Deborah J. Ross: Jaydium - Epilog
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Chapter 35 of Jaydium, for your reading pleasure:

For a long moment, Duvach sat immobile and Eril feared it was too lost in its own alien emotions to help them. Then it extended a feathery tendril and brushed Kithri's cheek. A droplet glistened on the silvery strand.

"Water . . . salt water. The water of life."

Behind Duvach's heavy, inflectionless voice, Eril sensed its wonderment. Kithri, beside him, gulped and blinked, more tears streaming down her face.

"My Clan-superior Raerquel was right all along," Duvach murmured. "The light is in each of us, however strange our outer forms. Beneath all differentness, our waters flow as one."

Deborah J. Ross: Jaydium - Chapter 35
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On the run in an alien city under bombardment:

"You think youire frightened now, you should have been the decoy for those pirates!" Brianna snapped. Kithri ducked her head and twisted, as if to pull away, but Brianna held her fast. "You listen to me! The one thing--the only thing that kept me going was thinking, Sooner or later that untranslatable bitch will find something that's too big for her to handle, and I'll be around to see it." <\i>

Kithri flushed and met Brianna's eyes. She stopped shaking. Her chin lifted. "Maybe you will, but it won't be now."

Deborah J. Ross: Jaydium - Chapter 34
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Jaydium - Chapter 30

Eril's first impulse was to laugh in Brianna=s face. No one but his sister Avery could rant in such an operatic mode, and he thought Brianna would fare well in the comparison. But one look at Kithri's face convinced him that she, for one, was taking Brianna seriously.

"Calm down, Bri," he said as diplomatically as he could. "There's nothing to be gained by blaming one another. If there was a mistake, it was my mistake, not Kithri's."

"I don't blame her and I am quite calm already." Brianna began gathering the sheets of seaweed-film into meticulous piles, as if to underscore her rationality. "After all, she's had no more education than a herd-beast. Not a shred of decent methodological training. It isn't her fault--"

Kithri had started toward her own cubicle, but now she froze and turned slowly back. Her face flooded with color and her old nose break stood out as a chalky brand. She strode to the table and swept the entire contents--all of Brianna's notes, styluses, and specimens--to the floor. Still without a word, she shoved one fist a hairsbreadth from Brianna=s nose and made an emphatic gesture. Then she spun around and marched out the door.

Brianna looked at Eril, her eyes innocently wide. "What--what did she--"

"Never mind." Eril bent to pick up a pile of films. "You don't want to know what that meant."
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Deborah J. Ross: Jaydium - Chapter 29

"Forget what happened to me! What have we done to Raerquel?" Kithri reached into the cockpit and laid one hand on the gastropoid's silvery skin. There was no response, no change in its cool skin.

She started trembling. It was the coolness more than anything else that reminded her of her father's hand, how she held it through the long night until the last bit of body warmth had seeped away.
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Things get more desperate as war looms even closer. Read the latest chapter on my blog.

"I was wrong about you," Lennart said slowly. "What I said before the hearing..."

"We were all swiping at each other. You were just--"

"Shut up and let me apologize! I can't hold you accountable for the crazy things your Federation did, any more than I can blame Kithri--or Raerquel. Even Bri, with all her academic bullshit, she'd stand on her head to save these folks. Protesting all the while that her only interest was as a scientist. Maybe in my time, it was people like you that kept us from destroying it all."

"Hey, don't go making me into a hero," Eril said with an embarrassed laugh. "I'm just your everyday fly-boy. I followed orders, I didn't make policy."

"Maybe things would've been better if you had..."
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Dawn came and the crystalline walls glowed with a faint iridescent sheen. Eril couldn't remember falling asleep, just lying there, staring at the expanse of featureless luminescent gray. Wishing he could see the stars. Feeling the emptiness inside him. The not-caring that made his promises empty syllables and turned his life into one long bid for escape. He was human, he told himself, not hollow. He cared--about the Fed, about Raerquel and the future of its world. Yet something had gone out of him even before he jetted down to Port Ludlow in search of the brushie duopilot who was his only hope. Maybe in the bars and alleys of New Paris, one crazy scrape after another. Maybe as far back as Albion.


Eril winced at the memory. Compared to Kithri, he'd lost nothing there.

He sat up, his hip and shoulder bones aching. When he reached his arms above his head and stretched, his spine popped. Next to him, close enough so she could easily have touched him in her sleep, Kithri lay on curled on one side. In the far corner, Brianna had tucked up in a fetal ball, her back to the others. Lennart sat and stared blankly ahead, his legs folded in a complicated and uncomfortable-looking arrangement. His hands open lay, palms up, on his knees.

Eril clambered to his feet and continued his stretching. Even making allowances for the unforgiving sleeping surface, he felt stiff. He didn't like the thought of getting old. But at the rate they were going, they would none of them live that long.

None of us, he repeated to himself. Not just me, none of us.

Deborah J. Ross: Jaydium - Chapter 26
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We're going to die anyway, all of us. You think your little studies of alien architecture are going to save this planet?"

Brianna offered no reply. Kithri looked at the woman and two men who had, in a few days, gone from strangers to people she'd die for. She had no strength to argue with them. She barely had enough for herself. All her instincts, all her experience urged her to keep silent, to stay out of it. There might be nothing she could do, or she might die anyway. She thought again of her father, wrestling alone with his own choices, his own unknown future. How much more difficult it must have been for him with a child, perhaps already knowing he was dying. All these years she=d blamed him for being a coward because he=d run away.

"You do whatever you want," she said, closing the door on everything that had gone before in her life. "Me, I'm going to go out fighting for something besides my own skin."

Deborah J. Ross: Jaydium - Chapter 25
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For your Friday reading pleasure...

Raerquel gestured with a delicate upper tendril. "Once all this was part of the sea of life, before the land changed. The mountains pushed upwards and Ocean-of-Home shrank. Much was lost as we adapted to dry living. We built new cities here, on the banks of the old seas, cities like the one we are now leaving, cities of working, dreaming, waiting..."

"To return to the water?" Kithri asked.

"Even now, we must. For eggs to hatch and water-breathing trochophore younglings to grow. The Flesh-Before-Naming. For the dying oldsters, for the sick in spirit. We adults are able to utilize gaseous oxygen, and our integument is tolerant to the dryness of land with the aid of the healing gel. Terrestrial adaptation, although unpleasant, is possible."

"Just because a thing is possible, doesn't mean it's good," said Lennart. Again, some bleak undertone in his voice stung Kithri.

"Wise you are, my human friend. These cities here," Raerquel gestured from the way they had come, "cities of light, and cities of darkness in the mountains, they are not enough for us. Who can say if our present desolation is beginning then, with the loss of our water home, and not with our estranged offspring planets?"

Read the chapter here
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If it's Friday, Kithri and her friends are about to be caught up in the aliens' interstellar war...

Deborah J. Ross: Jaydium - Chapter 20
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It's Jaydium Friday, and Kithri matches wits with the pirates, with surprising results.

Deborah J. Ross: Jaydium, Chapter 15
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Come read along with the serialization of my first novel, Jaydium. We're up to Chapter 4, in which Eril learns to chip jaydium, and Kithri learns he has quite another objective.

"The war's officially over," he went on, "but we're still scrambling to keep order in the settled worlds. You've been lucky here on Stayman‑‑not like Pandora or Albion or half a dozen other worlds that somebody considered easy pickings. The Fed protected you better than most because of the jaydium."

Eril paused. Stayman could barely feed herself as it was, and it had been nothing short of criminal to abandon the scientists and their families here. He didn=t want to appear to be defending the Fed. "I'm not on a pleasure trip, I'm recruiting."

"Recruiting?" Her eyes got even bigger.

He smiled. "Hank told me about this brushie he'd run jaydium with. He said she could fly circles around him in her sleep. I had to see for myself."

"Hank said that? About me?"

"You got any other candidates? I didn't come five parsecs across space to fly duo with that old sourbug in the tavern."

Kithri choked down the last of her bread, lowering her eyes so he could no longer read in them. "Entrance," she repeated. "To what, exactly?"

"Courier Corps."
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... haven't gotten to the gigantic silver slugs or the time-traveling spaceman yet, but today there's a touch of romance, not to mention lust...

Deborah J. Ross
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In a fit of benevolent insanity, or maybe just summer wanting-to-dosomething-cool, I'm offering my novel, Jaydium in free serialized chapters on my blog.

The first chapter is up now, and others will follow, most likely on Fridays. If you're coming in later, there's an index and links under "Read A Story" so you can catch up. Enjoy! (And of course if you simply cannot wait to find out what happens next, you can get your very own copy from Book View Cafe, in a format that will play nicely with your Nook or Kindle or whatever.)
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I've been reading Katharine Eliska Kimbriel's "Nuala" books and will have an overall discussion of them rsn now. Today's news is that Fire Sanctuary is now available in multi-format DRM-free ebook editions from Book View Cafe. Here's the skinny (click on the title below for the link to download it).

FIRE SANCTUARY (Science Fiction)

Katharine Eliska Kimbriel

Rising like a phoenix from the embers of an abandoned scientific expedition, the people of Nuala are the definition of survivors.  They have fought back against the deadly radiation levels of their beautiful, dangerous world.  Nualans have battled frightening mutations, genetic shift, and the highest rate of infertility in the Axis Republic.  Their reward is a society based on tolerance, compassion, and cultural diversity, descendants who can sense a lie (and a few who can heal by touch) -- and a bonanza of the rarest platinum group metal in the known galaxy.

Balanced on the border between the Axis Republic and the Fewha Empire, ruled by a constitutional monarchy, the small Nualan system counters its low birth rate by sending out its children to search for mates to expand the planetary gene pool.  Some Axis citizens choose Nuala. One, a decorated soldier named Moran, is about to marry a Nualan princess.

But heirs to power and wealth have enemies, both homegrown and interstellar.  There are those who would kill to keep an Axis warrior from marrying a Nualan . . . and those who think it's the perfect smoke screen to keep anyone from noticing where the border is about to shift.


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